Jobs For Heretaunga Bennett Road

Hastings District Council

A continuation of the Karamu Road project, we retained our 12 redeployed workers who further developed their skills including meeting and interacting with the client and engineers, undertaking quality assurance paperwork and demonstrating their commitment to working ten-hour days six days a week.

Workers started with pouring one truck at a time (6 cubic meters) and by the end of the project were managing 12 trucks delivering one after the other (72 cubic meters). They completed excavating, placing and backfilling basecourse, installing formwork to height and alignment, placing, screeding and finishing concrete, and four heavy duty vehicle crossings with reinforcing. We were impressed with the attitude and work ethic of all our redeployed workers, and thanks to the support of the Ministry of Social Development we were able to offer permanent positions to these workers on completion of this project.

We completed 1300 lineal meters of 2.5 meter wide concrete footpath, 1100 cubic meters of excavation, 500 cubic meters of basecourse, 500 cubic meters of concrete, 2600 meters of timber boxing, and used over 2600 timber pegs.

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