When Taurus Taurima started Topline he worked from the back of his car with a wheelbarrow and hand tools. He had one employee and his first job was an exposed aggregate driveway for Hawke’s Bay real estate agent Jill Baddeley. Taurus is fiercely proud of his Flaxmere roots, but some believed his company would never succeed. They didn’t take into account his concreting skills and reputation as a good manager of men. The company has flourished and now Taurus blends quality craftsmanship with a passion for ensuring Topline staff from all walks of life are given opportunities to succeed.

Topline team in front of sign

Work, Taurus says, is a game changer. Since 2016 the company has grown from two staff to 50. It has quality plant and a fleet of 53 vehicles and machines. Taurus has surrounded himself with industry experts to gain new perspectives. “I have numerous ideas so it’s great to have people around me I can trust.” In December 2020, Topline earned internationally recognised quality standard ISO 9001: 2015 and health & safety standard ISO 45001: 2018 providing a sound foundation for Topline’s future.

Taurus firmly believes that investing in people has far-reaching benefits that extend beyond the work they do or the time they spend with Topline Contracting. Achieving a formal industry qualification is something many of our people didn’t think was possible and through our commitment to training we are changing this mindset. Our people are striving to achieve, not only for themselves, but as an example to their children and whanau.

Every Topline worker is encouraged and supported to undertake training and upskill whether it be through a formal industry qualification, licences and certifications or on-the-job training and experience. Through our Pastoral Care Programme, we help our workers navigate some of the challenges that have traditionally prevented them from furthering their careers and education.