Hawke's Bay Airport Terminal Surrounds

Tararua Construction Management

With Hawke’s Bay’s increasing popularity as a visitor and business destination Topline is proud to have been involved in the multi-million dollar redevelopment of Hawke’s Bay Airport’s terminal.

Our work focused on the terminal surrounds and providing quality long lasting surfaces to accommodate growing numbers of passenger and visitor movements.

Working alongside numerous contractors on a busy site we installed concrete kerb and channel, created large areas of asphalt pathways for pedestrians, installed a small concrete pathway ramp for wheelchair access and constructed hardstand paved areas for heavy airport vehicles including baggage handling vehicles.

The work was challenging, balancing tight deadlines and the close proximity to other contractors, passengers and the public.

Having proven the quality of our workmanship and the ability of our team we continue to work on the next stage of this redevelopment project which involves paving reinstatement.

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