We have the expertise and equipment to handle many aspects of construction projects, from footpaths, carparks, commercial building entrances through to residential projects using either asphalt or chip seal surfacing.

Asphalt is similar to concrete in the sense that both materials are popular for creating solid-surfaces plus they’re both made with stones (bits of rock) and sand. However, the binder that locks these materials together is very different – while concrete uses cement, asphalt uses asphalt cement.

Asphalt is a petroleum product so it is flexible and is less prone to cracking and easier to contour than other paving materials. And if it is simply worn (not cracked), it’s easier to repair.

For most types of carparks, we recommend asphalt, due to its affordability as well as being quick and easy to lay, and long lasting. The flexible surface allows for good drainage, durability against impact and cost-effective repairs.

Asphalt Services

We source quality raw products including subbase and base course materials.

  • Roading
  • Footpaths
  • Large commercial Carparks and entrances (eg retail centres & sports parks)

# The above include new work, resurfacing and repairs.